Who are the Eastern fronters

In the Age of information “he who controls the narrative – controls the world ” has become the undertone of the human civilization. The well established Main stream media will show us their version of the story often being ignorant of certain obvious truths. At Eastern front, we believe in giving a voice for the unheard, brining in to life the alternative narrative & birding the gaps of history.

We analyze geopolitics, social issues any matters of concerns for the well being of humanity & planet earth. It is our responsibility to leave a more stable, sustainable, just & fair world for the future generations. Eastern fronters have chosen the path of penning thoughts in doing so.

We are a collective of free thinking individuals from all walks of life. ” Words could change the world” is what brought us together !!! We invite you to join our cause for the betterment of humanity .

Words carry the power to change.